Analyse property investment deals

Analyse property investment deals

Once we’ve found and identified properties with good investment potential, we carry out a 50-point checklist to make sure they pass our extensive due diligence checks. These include checking the fundamental aspects about a property and its location to ensure that it would be popular with renters and is unlikely to experience costly maintenance issues.

We estimate the realistic market value of each property and what they will likely achieve on the rental market based on similar properties that have sold and rented in the area, as well as on how the market is performing.

Once a property has passed our checks, we input all our findings into a clear and simple property info pack. This document gives you all the essential information about the property and its location, as well as a cashflow chart detailing how the property will perform as an investment and how much cash you’ll need to commit to purchase it. 

We also view each investment property in person, carrying out a detailed video that shows the whole property and any potential defects. This enables you to have a truly passive investment, because you can view properties without having to spend hours of your time travelling up to see each one.

Many property investors miss out on a lot of great opportunities because they often can’t get up to view the properties in time. But our clients are able to secure the best investment properties out there, because we have agents across the country who can view properties on the same day that we find them, so we get in there before anyone else. 

Once you reserve a property for investment and begin the purchase process, our work doesn’t stop there. We are on hand throughout the conveyancing to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We’re in regular contact with the solicitors, the estate agents and mortgage brokers to take care of any issues and make sure everyone is doing their job correctly. This gives you peace of mind and frees up more of your time to give you a truly passive investment.