Property Investment in Birkenhead

Property investment in Birkenhead

  1. Wirral Waters £1bn Birkenhead Regeneration Plan
  2. Conway Park Commercial Quarter
  3. Brand New Birkenhead Market
  4. Hamilton Square Creative Quarter

1 | The Wirral Waters £1bn regeneration plan

One of the biggest benefits of property investment in Birkenhead is the Wirral Waters regeneration plan. Firstly, this project looks to kickstart local economies across the river from Liverpool. As an important part of the area, Birkenhead town center is set to receive a £1bn boost from the plan. An extension of the Wirral master plan to rejuvenate the area, the scheme will bring great benefits for Birkenhead property investment.

Additionally, the planned developments will bring hope to residents, businesses, and property developers alike. Moreover, they will assist in establishing the Birkenhead town centre and its surrounding areas as the new frontier.

To illustrate these points, let’s take a look at some of the main developments in the area. Beginning with Conway Park Commercial Quarter, we’ll take a look at the many benefits the Birkenhead Regeneration Plan will bring to the area.


The Wirral Waters

2 | Conway Park Commercial Quarter redevelopment


Conway Park Commercial Quarter

Birkenhead town centre is set to become a much busier and more attractive proposition for businesses, employers and consumers. For example, Wirral Waters and Wirral Growth Company’s plan is to utilise the existing space and make way for new commercial and office developments. Currently occupied by Europa Pools leisure centre and a Vue cinema, the buildings will be replaced with a brand-new leisure centre and cinema.

Another key point of the Birkenhead Regeneration Plan is the boost these new developments will bring to the local economy. In addition to increasing footfall, the plans will also attract give new opportunities to workers in the area. Moreover, a brand-new entrance for Conway Park train station is in the plans. By all means, this rejuvenated transport link will simplify access to the new Birkenhead town centre commercial quarter.


3 | A brand new Birkenhead Market

Birkenhead Market is a historic landmark of the area where butchers and fishmongers have traded in the same spot for generations. Whereas formerly bustling with life, the market has endured economic trials as the decades have rolled by.

In recent years, shopping locally has become increasingly popular and with that, the demand for local markets has increased. This is where plans for the regeneration of Birkenhead market come in. Not only will the Birkenhead regeneration plan bring the famous market into the 21st century, but it will also emphasise its importance to the area.

As part of this latest phase of the Wirral masterplan, a brand-new market will be developed only a stone’s throw from its current location. Situated on the Europa Building site, the new Birkenhead Market will cast as a link between the town’s historic past and promising future.

New Birkenhead Market

4 | Hamilton Square Creative Quarter

Hamilton Square Creative Quarter

Without doubt, Hamilton Square is one of Birkenhead’s most visually appealing spots. Not only does it have the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in any square outside of London, but its beautiful Georgian architecture and public green space make it one of Merseyside’s hidden gems. Already home to the much-anticipated Hamilton Hub student apartments, Wirral Waters has reported plans for new regeneration projects underway. As a matter of fact, some have likened the new regeneration plans to that of Liverpool’s popular Baltic Triangle.

Moreover, the Birkenhead Regeneration Plan for a new creative quarter includes the development of a luxury boutique hotel with a conference facility. The hotel will be ideally situated among a mix of brand new commercial and residential developments. Additionally, Hamilton Square is almost equidistant from both Birkenhead town centre and the planned Wirral Waters education campus. This places the new Hamilton Square Creative Quarter in the prefect spot to become the economic centre of a brand-new Birkenhead.

All in all, the Total Gross Development Value across the Hamilton Square area is more than £60M. Alongside this, the investment opportunities are an extremely attractive proposition. To illustrate, plans are in place to develop 100 new residential units and 160 student bed spaces alongside 3,600 square metres of retail and commercial space.

A new hub for young professionals

As a result of these new developments, expect exciting times for Wirral property investment. The appeal of Birkenhead and the Wirral as top locations for young professionals will increase. With a number of huge businesses launching within the area, more and more young adults will look for opportunities there. Additionally, the short distance between Birkenhead and Liverpool city centre will help young professionals commute to Hamilton Square from Liverpool. This will help workers take advantage of the growing range of opportunities on the horizon. All in all, Hamilton Square Creative Quarter is on course to become the epicentre of a regenerated Birkenhead Town Centre.