Birmingham Property Investment

Birmingham property investment – Why Invest?

The city enjoys the status of being the second-largest city in the UK. Often shortened to Brum, this city has a growing population that makes it a place to watch in the West Midlands. With 1.2 million people calling the city their home, the property market is thriving and this is good news for investors. The average price of a property in October 2021 was £216,000, which was a 13 percent increase from the same time last year, as well as rental properties increased in costs too. So, if you are an investor, you may seek to take advantage of this fantastic growth in Birmingham Property Investment that is likely to last into the future.

Indeed, HS2, which is known as the biggest infrastructure project in Europe, is going to allow the city to enjoy exceptional transport links. We are talking about making the journey short to the capital city of London. But the transport links right now are already one of the best in the country, with other areas easy to access from Birmingham.

If you are thinking about Birmingham property investment as an option, you may want to consider the following locations:

  • Selly Oak
  • Jewellery Quarter
  • Perry Barr
  • City Center
  • Moseley
  • Edbagston

Every investor is different when it comes to what they are looking for and the type of budget they have available. In these areas of Birmingham, there is everything from build-to-rent and buy-to-let, as well as social housing. Indeed, the property market in the UK is known to be a stable and reliable investment. The population is always growing and there is a growing demand for homes. Thus, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in Birmingham.

Birmingham property Investment – Maximise Returns with Buy-to-Let Property

Birmingham is a city that offers promise when it comes to maximising returns.  This is because of the high rental growth in the area and this is going t offer some great returns long-term. There are a lot of regeneration projects happening in the city, which makes it an exciting era. The demand for rental opportunities is going to continue to grow as the city continues to expand and improve. House prices are low compared to other areas of the UK and you can expect good rental yields.

For those that work in London, Birmingham can be an appealing place to live due to its location. There is no getting away from the fact that the capital city is expensive to live in and professionals need somewhere else to call home. Indeed, Birmingham is seen as an exciting and affordable alternative. Rental is easier to manage and the amenities and facilities the city has to offer give you everything you need. What’s more, the transport links are there to take you to the capital.

Therefore, there is a huge diversity of opportunities for investors when it comes to buy-to-let in Birmingham. This includes everything from luxurious apartments by the canal to urban flats for convenience. In particular, the demand for housing is coming from young professionals that are choosing to relocate, as well as families looking to settle down. In particular, investors are going to want to focus their efforts on young professionals since under 35-year-olds make up around 60 percent of the city’s population.

Businesses Are Revolutionising Birmingham

Birmingham is changing as a city and it is evolving into a business hub for national and international companies. We are talking about being the second largest in the country after London. Indeed, this is making Birmingham an attractive place to be. If you look at employment rates in the city, there is predicted to be a 17 percent increase by 2039. One of the reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs themselves like Birmingham is because of its diversity. There is a huge pool of people here, including different cultures and languages in the city. Of course, this also means a variety of skilled workers.

The main businesses we are seeing far in Birmingham are finance and professional services. There is estimated to be over 4,300 companies here from this sector. Tech companies are also being becoming attracted to the city, as well as start-ups choosing to start in Birmingham. This is all to the benefit of young professionals. Let’s not forget that the city has a history that heavily involves technology and science, which is a draw to many businesses and workers.