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Buy quality properties with professional help to free up your time, create a passive income and build your wealth.

Focus on what you do best.
We’ll take care of the rest.

Less hassle

We do the heavy lifting by taking care of everything so you can invest in property with ease. We’ll find properties, negotiate prices, analyse deals, organise managing agents and more. Meaning you can make the most of your time and money.

Clear and simple

We’ll present you with easy to understand information every step of the way to make sure that you know where your money’s going.


We have public indemnity insurance, we’re members of the Property Redress Scheme, we’re registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and HMRC’s anti-money laundering scheme, because we take what we do seriously.


We do this every day, so we’ll use our experience and resources to find you high returning properties that the average investor would struggle to find.  

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Free up your time.  Create a passive income.  Build your wealth


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What we do for property investors

We source, analyse and arrange the management of property investments so that you can invest in property with ease.  Meaning you have more time and money to do what you do best. 

Source Properties

We use the latest technology and our network of property professionals to find you high returning investment opportunities.

Analyse deals

We carry out in-depth analysis of each property and location to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

Analyse deals

We carry out in-depth analysis of each property and location to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

Manage your investment

We connect you with one of our trusted managing agents who will find you quality tenants and look after your property.



What types of properties do you source?
We believe that the best way to invest in property for most people is to target significant returns whilst minimising risk.
We do this by focusing our search on high-quality 2-3 bedroom houses at reasonable prices, in very good condition, and in popular locations.
This means that it’s less likely there’ll be expensive maintenance issues with the property. Additionally, these properties will attract more desirable tenants. Ones, that stay a lot longer and that keep the property in better condition.
The prices we target are low enough to benefit from good rental yields and lower stamp duty, but high enough to be desirable and experience solid capital growth. Moreover, as they are houses you won’t have to worry about continuously rising service charges and ground rents eating into your profits.
Why do you charge a fee when I can do this myself?
We’re very open about the fact that anyone can look for investment properties themselves, and we’re always happy to offer advice to anyone who wants to do that.
However, this is what we do all day every day. Therefore, we find better investments than the average investor would likely be able to find on their own. We carry out extensive marketing campaigns that target homeowners in the locations our clients want, we’ve built up a large network of contacts that present us with properties before they go on the market. But most importantly, we know what makes a property a good investment, something the vast majority of people do not.
Also, our service includes far more than just finding you a property. We walk you through the whole process to move things along as smoothly as possible, we put you in touch with our network of professionals, we offer advice and we help you with any issues that come up.
How do you find properties?
We carry out online marketing and direct mail campaigns, targeting the areas that we believe are good investments and tailoring the marketing material to attract motivated sellers.

We use software that’s not available to the general public, as well as online platforms to identify potential opportunities.

And we’re in regular contact with our network of estate agents, developers and property professionals that know what we’re looking for and that often send us properties before they go on the market.
Should I focus on yield or capital growth?
This really depends on your own goals and what you want to achieve from investing in property. If you want to replace your income in a short period of time, then you may want to focus on properties that are higher yielding.
But if you don’t need a large income straightaway and you care more about building your future wealth, then properties in areas with higher capital growth potential may suit you better.
We think that the best types of investments are the properties that offer a bit of both. This way you can enjoy having an income stream whilst also benefiting from growing your wealth.
They won’t have the highest yield or the best capital growth, but they will have both of these factors to some extent without sacrificing one over the other.
Should I get a mortgage or pay in cash?
Generally, it’s better to buy property with a mortgage than with 100% cash, if you’re buying a rental property that you plan to hold for a long period of time.

This is because one of the things that makes property such a good investment is that you can leverage your money by taking out a mortgage to make your money go further, and give you a higher return on your investment than if you bought with just cash.

There are instances when it may be better to buy with cash, such as if you plan to flip properties (buy, refurbish, sell). These are generally held for a short period of time and the loans you can get in these circumstances are far more expensive than mortgages, so you may not necessarily benefit from leverage in this case.

There are other examples of when a mortgage may not be a good option or even possible, such as if a property’s value is too low or if you are above a certain age.

In these cases, property loses many of its benefits as an asset class because leverage is one of the main factors that makes property such a good long-term investment.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of leverage in property investment, then you can watch our short video about it here.

What our clients say

The team at Closefield are very proactive and a pleasure to work with. They found me a great property and have helped and guided me throughout the whole process. As a hands-off property investor, I was after a service that takes all the stress away and Omar and Ali delivered on their promise. Highly recommend them to any new or experienced property investors.

Nelly Berova

It was a great pleasure working with Omar and the Closefield property team on my recent investment property. They understood my needs and investment requirements and found me the ideal investment within the first week of working with them. They were extremely hands-on and supportive throughout the entire purchase process, especially when there were issues along the way. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Rupa Ganatra

I was very pleased with Closefield Property. I’m based in Hong Kong so it wasn’t easy trying to invest in property in the UK from so far away. Luckily I found Closefield Property who helped me understand where the best areas are and what types of properties perform the best. They sent me reports and carried out video tours of each property so that I could make informed decisions. I highly recommend them.

Wesley Leung

Very pleased with my experience with Closefield, I was cautious from the outset but after sitting down with Ali and Omar their proposals were straightforward, concise and their advice has yielded sound returns already. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to invest in property.

Michael Robinson